Balloon Basics 101



As we are still in the midst of dealing with COVID-19 finding ways to celebrate milestones and special occasions might look a little different.  One element that will always be on trend and bring smiles is incorporating balloons into your celebrations.

There are many skilled professionals who specialize in creating balloon masterpieces for all events.  However, sometimes people would like to take an at-home personal approach to creating the perfect balloon installation themselves.

In this course you will learn the basics of creating your own balloon installations from simple centerpieces to easy to put together garlands and columns.  You will be equipped with the knowledge of selecting quality balloons, which inflators to use, including tips and tricks to enhance your balloon work.

*As an added experience (if you choose) you will have a hands-on opportunity to assist with an on site large balloon installation in Staten Island, NY (masks will be required as well as proper social distancing).

This is a virtual course offering with the objective to:

  • Learn the basics of balloon creation
  • Gain knowledge on the tools needed to build balloon pieces
  • Gain basic balloon creation skills
  • Learn how to incorporate elements that are on trend such as adding florals
  • Walk away with industry knowledge no matter if you plan to take this course for personal enjoyment or if you’re looking to start your own business.


  • A passion for learning
  • A love of planning events
  • Willingness to use your hands to create balloon magic

Materials Needed (can be purchased from Amazon):

  1. Qualatex Hand Held Air Inflator $9.88

  2. Qualatex Standard Assorted Latex 5” balloons (100 pack)  $9.08

  3. Qualatex Assorted Standard latex 11” Balloons (100 pack) $19.41

  4. Hautton Electric Balloon pump $24.99

  5. Notebook and pencil/pen


I reached out to Marissa Mortimer of Lavish Occasions because I was looking for an apprentice position in the Event Design field immediately following my college graduation.

Once hired, Marissa wasted no time broadened my horizons by letting me work different events as an assistant coordinator.

The result was gaining on-site experience under both titles and becoming even more confident in myself.

One thing I love about working with Marissa is that when she has a design job, she allows me to be as creative as I would like to be. There are no wrong answers.

So far, I've found my experience with Lavish Occasions to be extremely helpful in grasping and fully understanding the most intricate parts of the business.

I would recommend Marissa and her Lavish Occasions team to people who would want a caring, professional, detail oriented, organized group to make their event one to always remember.

- Amanda

Starting as an intern for Donna and her company was the most amazing experience, full of learning and growth. I am still learning things from her everyday now as a lead coordinator. She is a strong and confident business woman and teacher, I am so thankful for my time working for her and growing my career.

- Chelsea

I have been fortunate enough to have been a student of Marissa's and work with her on her team at Lavish Occasions. Marissa's expertise in the field, professionalism and vibrant personality make clients and employees alike want to work with her. She goes above and beyond to share her knowledge and provide support to anyone who shares her passion for event planning. I cannot thank her enough for all of her encouragement and guidance throughout the years of her being my mentor.

- Allison

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The first steps in beginning any new career are the hardest! Here at EPI, we pride ourselves on the idea of community and collaborating over competition. The Institute was built by two successful special event professionals who have mentored, taught and assisted hundreds of other planners. With great experience in this area, we confidently state that educating yourself, networking with other professionals and offering your services to others in the field, are your best first steps. This course is a perfect beginning for a career in Wedding Planning.

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March 26 to May 30
7pm to 9pm
Total Hours: 10 (5 classes)
Location: Wagner Staten Island
(1 Campus Rd, Staten Island)

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